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PaperIQ Enterprise Server Adds Support For Digital Pen Encryption

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Following several months working in close partnership with Anoto AB, DevelopIQ are proud to announce that it is the first digital pen partner in Europe to announce support for 256 bit AES encryption of handwriting data stored in digital pens.

DevelopIQ's digital pen platform, PaperIQ Enterprise Server, has been successfully deployed for some of the largest digital pen contracts in Europe, with particular focus on the NHS, security services, local and central government. Commenting on this achievement for DevelopIQ, Robert Bakewell, CEO, said "Recently some of our customers, particularly NHS Trusts concerned with the security of sensitive patient data, have insisted on full encryption of handwriting data within the digital pen before they will sanction wider deployments. We have therefore worked very hard to build support for encryption into our PaperIQ digital pen platform and we are proud to be the first Anoto Solution Provider to offer this capability in the European market and only the second one to achieve it worldwide."

Support for digital pen encryption in PaperIQ Enterprise Server has been developed to facilitate easy implementation by organisations with a small or large deployment of digital pens via a simple digital pen firmware upgrade and change of the Anoto dot pattern. Each digital pen is flashed with an organisation's unique public encryption key and a digital pen specific signing key. The public encryption key is used in conjunction with a symmetric session key to store the encrypted pen strokes and the private signing key is used to digitally sign the data prior to transmission to the server. PaperIQ Enterprise Server then uses the digital pen's public signing key to validate the digital pen data on receipt, prior to decryption of the symmetric session key and the captured digital pen data using the organisation's private encryption key. This combination of AES encryption and RSA digital signatures ensures not only the privacy of the digital pen data but also the authenticity of the digital pen from which it was transmitted to the server.

The latest release of PaperIQ Enterprise Server incorporating support for digital pen encryption is expected to be released next month.

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